Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schröer-Werner, Evangelische Hochschule Berlin

Prof. Dr. Vera Taube, Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Würzburg-Schweinfurt

Contact: schroeer-werner(at)eh-berlin.de


Expert Group for Doctoral Support

The Expert Group for Doctoral Support provides support to early-career academics, especially graduates of universities of applied sciences (UAS), who are working on doctorates in the field of social work. The group also helps university instructors to create an environment that is supportive of doctoral students.

Members of the group have produced a range of material. These include a monthly newsletter on doctoral studies after UAS graduation, which provides information on workshops, conferences, scholarships, and other funding opportunities. You can register here. The newsletter also announces upcoming colloquia for doctoral students in the expert group and elsewhere. An introductory brochure on doctorates for UAS graduates and a list of completed doctorates are available here, along with a list of doctoral advisers at universities offering social work degrees. An overview of assistance for doctoral students with UAS degrees can be found here.