Expert Group netzwerkAGsozialearbeit

netzwerkAGsozialearbeit was established in 2018 during the first DGSA Preconference for Doctoral Students and Potential Doctoral Students in Social Work. Since then, the network has launched numerous activities to help early-career and non-professorial academics in social work network, increase their visibility, and discuss their work and experiences. Our aim is to provide an institutionally supported and recognised space where members can share common concerns. In the future, we also want to play an active role in shaping policies related to our discipline. For that reason, the network has become an official DGSA expert group in May 2021.

The network’s activities to date and its participation in debates clearly demonstrate that the living, working, conditions of early-career and non-professorial academics  within social work are as diverse as the members of the network themselves. A platform for the new generation of academics in social work must be open to this heterogeneity. Our platform is therefore aimed at anyone who has an academic connection to social work and would like to be active in the early-career academic community. This includes teaching assistants, non-doctoral research assistants and practitioners as well as doctoral students. As the network places a strong focus on doctoral studies, however, we pay special attention to developments at universities of applied sciences.

Our mailing list keeps members up to date with current developments. You can register for the list at the following link (The mails are mostly written in German):

We welcome new members and partnerships.