Expert Group for Refugees, Migration, and Critique of Anti-Semitism and Racism

Germany can increasingly be described as a postmigrant society. As such, the country is being shaped by both migration and racist processes of exclusion. Migration, mobility and transnational relations are not in themselves social problems that require support from social workers. However, due to social power relations connected to migration, intersectional discrimination and complex mechanisms of exclusion often arise in social functional systems such as education and employment. Legal and social disadvantages along with social debates about migration, racism, ethnicisation and equality are key concerns for migration-related social work.

The Expert Group for Refugees, Migration, and Critique of Anti-Semitism and Racism focuses on current trends in Germany’s migration society and migration-related social work. Key topics include racism, anti-Semitism and other social inequality issues related to migration sociology and policies. We also engage with relevant methods and actions (such as opening up migration societies) as well as teaching about these in higher education and continuing professional development. Furthermore, our expert group discusses the skills and knowledge related to racism, migration and human rights that are needed by prospective social workers, and we examine the questions raised by research on right-wing extremism and anti-Semitism.

The group seeks to promote dialogue among experts in the field, and our work is education-, project- and publication-oriented. We organise events such as workshops and issue statements on current events related to migration policy. In recent years, the group’s members have discussed issues such as the development of antiracist university structures and the implementation of postcolonial perspectives in social work teaching, research and practice. We frequently collaborate with other DGSA expert groups, such as the Expert Group for International Social Work and the Expert Group for Gender. You can read about some of our activities and the outcomes of our work and collaborations here on our homepage.

The expert group communicates via a mailing list and meets regularly, both in autumn and as part of the DGSA’s Annual Conference. New members are warmly welcome.

If you are interested in participating or receiving an invitation, please contact our spokespersons.