The German Association of Social Work (DGSA)

The DGSA – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziale Arbeit (German Association of Social Work) was established in 1989. We are dedicated to the promotion of social work as a discipline and profession. Therefore, we engage ourselves in theory, practice and related research. Besides the professional discourse within our relevant Expert Committees and Expert Groups, we focus on the publication and distribution of scientific findings and pursue an advancement of the curricular development. We are also concerned with the promotion of young scientists and professionals. With our expert contributions, we actively participate in socio-political debates.

The DGSA is committed to the international scientific discourse. By focusing on international cooperation, we consequently strengthen the identity and effectiveness of the profession and discipline. In this regard, conferences, symposiums and colloquiums serve as a platform for a professional exchange, which thus answers the purpose of political, ideological and professional plurality. In doing so, the DGSA welcomes collaboration and interaction with other groups and professional associations that focus on social work.

Any natural person or corporate entity engaged in practice, teaching and research of social work who would like to address issues in the field of the subject on a scientific basis is invited to participate in shaping the future of this discipline and profession.


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