Expert Committee for Social Work Research

The Expert Committee for Social Work Research is an association of teachers and researchers at universities, universities of applied sciences and in the fields of social work practice. It was re-established in 2008 under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Ingrid Miethe (University of Giessen). The Expert Committee sees itself as a platform for promoting the full spectrum of inter- and transdisciplinary social work research. This includes basic, practical and evaluative research; consulting on implementation, technology and policy; and social reports and planning. The section provides early career researchers with a space to discuss their research projects while developing and enhancing their academic profiles.

The objectives of this Expert Committee are to:

The Expert Committee for Social Work Research meets during the DGSA’s Annual Conference, offering its own panel when the CFP allows. Every two years, the section organises its own conference with a thematic focus and an open CFP. Every autumn, the section holds in partnership with the Network for Reconstructive Social Work – for the Development of Research, Teaching and Professional Practice a national workshop on Reconstructive Research in Social Work. Regular events co-organised with other DGSA Expert Committees and Groups allow members to discuss their own research outcomes and current challenges facing social work research. Anyone interested in working with the Expert Committee should contact our spokesperson; DGSA membership is not required.


chair. Dr. Julia Hille, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg 

co-chair: Prof. Dr Ursula Unterkofler, University of Applied Sciences München

co-chair: Prof. Dr Michaela Köttig, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences